Delivery Information

Every item we supply is made individually to order by experts; each print, each frame, each canvas, acrylic, book or alloy box. Each picture is checked and edited before it is sent to print. Every frame is hand-made, and each inner mount hand cut. In short Pret-a-Portrait is not the kind of business where items can simply be taken off a shelf and despatched, or where a damaged item can instantly be replaced.

We publish target delivery times for each product on our website and do our very best to turn each order round within this time. In the vast majority of cases we succeed in this aim. Delivery times cannot however be guaranteed.

Most customers will receive and email when their order (or part order) is despatched, describing how it is being sent and when it is likely to arrive. (This is not always available outside the UK, and does assume we are provided with an accurate and regularly monitored email address.)

Whilst we will always do our best to help, Pret-a-Portrait cannot take responsibility for any problems that may arise with deliveries that occur once an order is in the hands of the Royal Mail or any other external courier service.