School Photography

For the last few years Prêt-a-Portrait has been breathing new life into school photography.

With a growing list of delighted schools and parents helping us to spread the word, more and more schools are deciding it’s time to switch and reap the benefits of our fresh approach.

Our individual school photography service gives parents a range of 15-20 different pictures of each pupil to choose from, and options to use unique online features such as image cropping or the ability to order a mix of pictures from different occasions at the same time. It also offers schools a range of features to keep the associated administration simple and minimal.

And for group such as classes, teams, clubs, societies, staff our distinctive panoramic composites have proved to be extremely popular.

If you think it might be time for your school to join in, please explore the links on the right or call us on 0800 021 7626

Individual Pictures

Our aim is to offer parents a chance to choose from a range of the best possible pictures, full of real smiles and laughter, at normal school photography prices, and to make things as rewarding and as simple as possible for the school.

To do this we are a little greedier with space and time on the day, but with many schools now re-booking us for the 3rd or 4th year in a row, the verdict appears to be that it’s worth it.

Some of the benefits of our fresh approach

For parents…

  • Superior quality pictures, full of real smiles and laughter
  • A choice of 15-20 pictures of each pupils
  • A choice of viewing and ordering options to suit everyone
  • on paper, by telephone, online
  • A leading edge online viewing option offering:
    • high level security
    • simple, intuitive technology
    • the ability to view your chosen picture(s) in a range of different frame or mount options
    • picture cropping
    • the ability order a mix of pictures from different occasions (or even from different schools!)
    • the ability to create ‘multi-image prints’ from pictures taken on different occasions
  • Normal school photography prices
  • Early-bird discount for prompt orders
  • Attractive product list with the option to trade up to create fabulous large framed pictures, canvases or acrylics etc

For schools…

  • A fun day for pupils and staff
  • Delighted parents
  • Excellent commission
  • Minimal simple admin
  • A schools’ portal so you can login to
  • check booking dates
  • check booking details
  • check your commission tally at any time
  • request a commission payment
  • give us feedback about any aspect of our service
  • request dates for future bookings
  • Great pictures to display around the school
  • An injection of energy that will make the whole school smile.

Class & Team Pictures

Over the last few years we have pioneered and refined the creation of our distinctive panoramic pictures for classes, sports teams and other groups. We believe they are inherently more attractive than the conventional approach and they allow some of the character of the individuals, the group or the school to be shown.

They are very popular with parents and also make excellent pictures to display around the school.

As well as providing the school with one picture of each class and team photographed we are also happy to offer a large staff panoramic (either box-framed or on canvas) for the school, free of charge.

How We Work

Please click to download this handy guide to help make sure that everything runs smoothly.

School Admin

The way we work is designed to help keep the administrative burden on the school to a minimum.

For example:

We will record as many details about the job as we can when the booking is made, and then call you a week or two before the booking to double check everything or fill in any gaps. And you can check your booking date and details any time by logging into the School’s portal.

We provide a ‘How we work guide’ to help make sure it’s easy to know how to organise everything to make sure the day runs smoothly.

We don’t need to know who we are photographing – so we don’t need lists, and there’s no need to match who is being photographed with a name or number.

We encourage parents to order directly with us – by telephone or online, so only a small proportion of parents will hand order forms into the school office. And we don’t need you to check who has and who hasn’t handed these in – we just send a courier to collect them.

We despatch orders directly to parents’ home addresses, so the school doesn’t need to get involved.

You can check the School Portal at any time to check your commission tally or request a commission payment.

We have a continuous improvement programme and encourage schools to tell us if there are other things we could do to make life easier for the school.

School Comission

Our Approach

The commission that photography companies offer schools varies widely. Some offer a smaller percentage than we do, some offer a larger one, and some even vary the rate on a school by school basis.

Our aim is to make sure schools can earn as much as possible, and to be transparent, consistent and fair with every school that chooses to use us.

The way we work is rather more labour intensive than most, so we can't always offer the highest percentage figure. However, many schools report that we produce at least as much commission as other companies who offer a higher percentage, because the nature of the product we offer often leads to higher take up rates and higher average spend.

We are happy to work closely with you to maximise take up rates (e.g. we automatically offer prompt order discounts and supply the school with reminder cards. We can also help with posters or web links if the school would like us to)

School Portal

You can now use the School Portal to check your school’s commission tally at any time.


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